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How to Clean Windows Like A Pro

Clean windows allow more light from outside to shine through into your home. Homes with large or numerous windows go through a transformation of sorts as natural light shines through clean windows, lighting up interior spaces.

If calling in professional window cleaners to handle the cleaning job isn’t in your plans, or is simply out of your budget, then consider doing the job yourself. As you will discover below, window cleaning is quite straightforward, provided that you have the necessary cleaning tools and skills.

Read on below to find out how you can clean windows like a pro, and enjoy the resulting beauty and functionality associated with spotlessly clean windows.

Why Simple Window Cleaning Methods Just Won’t Work

When it comes to cleaning windows, you will find that there are many different theories and approaches said to bring about the best cleaning results.

Using soap and water is the best way to remove dirt, water spots and mud from the surface of windows. Some people advocate for the use of cleaning sprays instead of a bucket of water. It’s worth mentioning that although sprays are effective in cleaning windows, their use is only suited to smaller glass panels; using them on larger panels can be quite tiresome.

It’s common to see people using paper towels to dry off windows after washing them with soap and water. However, paper towels are known to leave lint and grey streaks on the surface of the windows they are used on. Lint-free cloths are the best to use if using an actual cloth.

Newspapers are also commonly used in drying off windows. They are a great alternative to paper towels due to the fact that they absorb more water and tend to be abrasive. Old newspapers are also cheaply available making them a great option for most. Although newspapers can be used to dry windows and leave great results, the ink can leave smudges on the window frame or edges, resulting in a new cleaning challenge.

As you can see, common DIY window cleaning approaches cannot match the impressive cleaning results seen in professional window cleaning jobs. Before you use this to dissuade yourself from conducting the window cleaning job at hand, it’s worth noting that doing it like the pros will definitely help you achieve better results.

Let’s now take a look at some of the tips you can follow when it comes to cleaning windows like a pro.

Get the Right Supplies

To be able to clean windows like a pro, you must have the right tools in hand. These are the same tools we use to professionally clean windows in Orange County, and our entire service area. As you will find out below, a scrubber/sponge, squeegee, lint free towels and bucket will be all you need to achieve pro-level window cleaning results. You can buy these supplies at your local hardware or home care store. Getting the high-quality supplies will ensure that you can use them to keep your windows clean for years to come.


You will need a scrubber or sponge to wash off the dirt on your windows. If you are cleaning windows with smaller glass panels, then a sponge will do just fine. However, if you are cleaning larger windows, a scrubber is the best option.


Window cleaning use a squeegee to dry windows without leaving behind any streaks and specs. Be sure to choose a squeegee that is designed to perfectly fit the size of your home’s windows. It is also worth noting that you should purchase a few extra squeegee blades to be used in replacing those that get worn out before the project is complete. Sharp blades usually dry the surface of the windows better; with extras on hand, you can switch worn out blades with new ones whenever necessary to maintain perfect cleaning results.


A plastic bucket will be enough to hold the detergent solution. This solution should be a mixture of clean water and a suitable soap solution. If you will be cleaning elevated windows, then consider getting a ladder to ensure that you can reach all windows comfortably.

To clean the windows, simply dip the sponge or scrubber into the detergent solution and then scrub off any dirt on the windows. Once you are done, use the squeegee to dry the window. This can be done using vertical or horizontal strokes. It is however recommended that you tilt the squeegee so as to direct excess water downwards.

Every time you use the squeegee in drying a strip of glass wipe over the scrubber or a lint free towel to clear away excess water and dirt on the blade. Use the lint free towel/rug to dry off the water that’s left on the edges of the window. Repeat this process on all the windows you wish to clean; and enjoy the impeccable results of your hard work afterwards.

Final Thoughts

To keep your windows looking great throughout, it’s best to clean them twice a year. You can consider hiring window cleaning experts to clean windows that are too high for you to handle safely.